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Padula Carthusian Monastery

Place: Padula

Distance from Pilaccio: 104 km 

Journey time: 80 minutes

Time to visit: 3 hours

The old monastery of Padula is also known as Certosa di San Lorenzo (St Lawrence Carthusian Monastery). It was founded in 1306 by monks belonging to the Carthusian order and represents one of the greatest examples of Carthusian Monastery in Italy. Through the past centuries the original building was endowed with new artistic structures thanks to the generous dowries brought in by the novices belonging to the  rich,  noble families of the time. Mostly built in baroque style, this Carthusian monastery  is located in an area of over 50.000 square metres and houses the biggest cloister in the world (about 12.000 square metres). Worth mentioning for their extraordinary beauty are: the Library with its helicoidal staircase and its Vietri tiled floor, the Chapel with its precious inlaid marbles, the two inlaid marble choirs, the wide kitchen, the imposing vault , the cellars, the huge press and barrels and the monumental stairs, a jewel of baroque architecture. The Monastery also hosts contemporary art exhibitions which display an innovative, original contrast with the monastic structure, and an interesting Archaeological Museum where it is possible to admire funeral equipments from the necropolises of Sala Consilina and Padula spanning from prehistoric to Hellenistic  times.

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