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Mount Stella

Strolling around the Mount Stella

Place: Mercato Cilento (SA)

Distance from Pilaccio: 5 km 

Journey time: 15 minutes

Time to visit: 3 hours/1 day

The Mount Stella is the massif (1.131 m. high) that, not far from the sea, overlooks the northern part of the National Park of Cilento. The innumerable paths that wind from its foot enable also the less expert trekkers to rediscover uncontaminated natural sights enjoying some of the most striking panoramas in Cilento and in Italy as well. Its fauna and flora offer the chance of observing a huge variety of animal and vegetal species. Especially interesting is its flora that is characterized by wide areas covered with woods of holm-hoaks and chestnuts, alternated with strips of typical Meditterean vegetation and with altitude meadows. There you will be able to admire carobs, brooms, Calabrian ‘stelline’ (little star flowers), myrtle bushes, prickly pears, strawberry trees and the so-called ‘mouse tails’.

The arrival on top of the Mount rewards you with the chance of visiting the ancient little church built in the first century A.D. in honour of the Holy Virgin of the Mount Stella, apart from the possibility of enjoying a 360° view of the gentle and green hills of Cilento. Besides the little sanctuary you can also visit the remains of ancient settlements dating to the XII and XIII centuries, corresponding to the Castellum Cilenti, a fortress of Lucan origin and identifiable with Petilia, the ancient capital of the Lucans.

Suited also to the less expert trekkers the Mount Stella is easily reachable from the Estate. Those who want to visit the area by themselves, without the company of a guide, will receive all the maps and indications necessary to go to the discovery of the beauties of our land, in all safety.

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